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Rules of the league

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Rules of the league Empty Rules of the league

Postaj by Emenike on čet oľu 12, 2015 3:24 pm

-The game is 3v3
It's not allowed to start match 2vs3 and 3vs2 (except in the case if the game has already begun and the player has to go)
-The Game is 2x7 + judicial compensation minutes to change sides at half time and with no score limit
-The Judge must be in the game
Just players registered for a specific competition are eligible to participate in the same

-Flying Changes are permitted (one player comes out and later re-enter)
The number of changes is unlimited
-Izmene May be made after the goal, at half time and during the performance of the car)

-host Must be one that has the best internet, or one in which not lagovati
-Admin Must have the captains of both teams
-In How it happens that someone laguje, be sure to put a break or to do something that he would not lagovalo
-In How many drops left, but someone was a lag, this goal is recognized (unless laguje all the players in the room).

If two teams have the same number of points at the end of the league, first looks at each other and then score a goal difference and if still equal, then play the decisive game
The element must have a minimum of 5 players, maximum 8
-Transfer Period is open during the fall season and the end of the season, at the same time is open and registration of players, if an unregistered player to be played match, he will be suspended along with the captain of the team
-Zabranjeni The B teams.
-Zakazivanje Matches takes place on the forum only provided for it.
-Tem To negotiate the real administrators.
If the captains agree to the terms and let the team does not appear, the points go to the team that was there, except in the case of an agreement to postpone the match

-Tem Result in games played on the open forum only provided for this purpose. (Eg. [01.kolo]: Partizan - Zvezda)
-Gorepomenutu Topic opens any player of the two teams.
-In The above-mentioned topic is written statistics - shooters, assistants, own goals and changes, as well as the time for each of them (at the time of the match, not recording). Eg. 0:56 - 0: 1 - Isco Alarcon (own goal) or 02:24 - Di Maria ~ ~ (out) - Emenike (and). In addition to write and line-ups of both teams and put the link recording
-Utakmicu Is required record (Option Rec, which is located in the top right corner of the room)
-If Missing footage for a particular match, the team will be penalized again playing a match and subtracting 2 points.

If neither team has write statistics within a reasonable time (until the end of the time limit for playing the car, or the day after that, in the event that the match was played just last day), would be penalized.
-Snimak Is set to,
If a team withdraws during the first part of the season, all its results are reversed and awarded the official results for the opponents. If the team plays complete the first part of the season and thereafter at any time withdraw
counted towards the results achieved up to half of the season and the other matches will be awarded 3: 0 in favor of
opposing team.

-If Team too be punished because of the above mentioned rules will be expelled from the competition.
-Abandonment and insults during league matches will be sanctioned.
- If you are a team falls apart, players from that team will not have the right to play by the end of the season.

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